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“To Preserve and Promote the Lighthouse Heritage of Long Island”

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Restoration of Cedar Island Lighthouse

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This is the lighthouse we hope to save...

and vandalism, as shown above, is one of the reasons it needs our help.

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Your help is needed!
...to Restore Cedar Island Lighthouse's 1902 Brick Oil House

The Chapter has received approval of the plan to restore the Cedar Island lighthouse's 1902 brick oil house from the Suffolk County Parks Department, which owns the lighthouse. The oil house, badly beaten by the elements and vandals, is in danger of losing its historic integrity unless restored this year. Respected preservation contractor Walter DeGroot has developed the restoration plan that began to be implemented in the Fall of 2003. $20,000 is needed to restore and protect this only remaining outbuilding at the station. You can help by making a donation. Watch for further updates as progress at the lighthouse continues to be made.

On September 13, 2002 the Cedar Island Lighthouse was approved for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

March 23, 2002 Press Release - Partnership with Suffolk County Parks Department Announced for the Restoration of the Cedar Island Lighthouse.

Read more information about the lighthouse at http://experts.longisland.com/lighthouses .

Also visit the Suffolk County Parks Department website for more information about the lighthouse at http://www.co.suffolk.ny.us/exec/parks/histcedarpt.html and http://www.co.suffolk.ny.us/exec/parks/cedarpt.html for information about the Cedar Point County Park.

See the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce website for information about the nearby Port of Sag Harbor.

About Us:

The Friends of Cedar Island Lighthouse have become the Cedar Island Lighthouse Committee of the Long Island Chapter of the US Lighthouse Society. The Long Island Chapter of the US Lighthouse Society was founded by the members of FOCIL in 2000 to give strong backing to preservation concerns in the area. The Chapter's successes and growing reputation will be used to help save the Cedar Island lighthouse.

About Our Goals:

The Cedar Island Light is a beautiful structure with a long history. It deserves to be protected and restored. An attempt at restoration in the late 1980s failed. Based on articles from that time and the words of some people who were involved, the reasons seem to be lack of preparation, questionable motives, infighting, and a lack of cooperation with, and respect for, government agencies. When another attempt is made, it needs to be a well planned cooperative effort free of ego conflicts. As with any venture, having good people will provide a solid foundation for our work.

Here are the general goals of our group:

  • Assess and document the current condition of the Cedar Island lighthouse.
  • Identify stabilization and preservation priorities.
  • Research the history of this light as fully as possible.
  • Document every detail of this light's past and present.
  • Have the light placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Promote the awareness of the past, present and possible futures of the Cedar Island light station.
  • Seek out others who may be interested in helping us find a way to save the lighthouse, and provide a "support group" for the frustrated fans of this wonderful structure.
  • Establish effective, working lines of communication between everyone involved.

Here are some ways in which we are working to accomplish these things:

  • We have contacted the Suffolk County Parks Commissioner with the intention of beginning a dialogue. The Commissioner has responded favorably and is willing to meet with us after Labor Day 2001. This is an important step.
  • We have photographed the existing property and structures in as much detail as possible. Videotape, with commentary, will be used as a supplementary form of documentation. Damage from neglect and vandalism have been noted in detail. This will all be done within the general guidelines set forth in the Historic Lighthouse Preservation Handbook and other relevant publications. These assessments will be compared to any existing previous assessments and will also be used to identify stabilization and preservation priorities.
  • We are researching the history of this light as thoroughly as possible by contacting and/or visiting any place which may contain information or any person whom possesses a knowledge of this light station.
  • To promote an awareness of this light, we will use the internet, local newspapers, and any opportunities that may arise. Whatever helps to make the plight of the Cedar Island light better known to the general public will be considered.
  • We can talk to family, friends and co-workers about the light. We can post on message boards and newsgroups. We can find more folks just by looking around us.
  • We will strive to work with all agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, keeping the best interests of the Cedar Island light in mind. We will make communication and cooperation high priorities.

We need volunteers to do the following:

  • Conduct research - This can be through federal agencies, local libraries, newspapers, and historical societies. Assistance will be available to anyone willing to take on some research responsibilities.
  • Letter-writers will be important in this part of the program - Once we have a solid foundation of information, we will need to begin to make others aware of the light's beauty, history and current state.
  • Plan and run fundraisers.

In order to avoid the burn-out that comes with such projects, we try to make our work fun. The Chapter sponsors a variety of events throughout the year, and our volunteer groups are encouraged to be creative and enjoy themselves.

Some people refer to the light as the Cedar Point Light. We do not. The structure that stands at Cedar Point ceased to be a lighthouse four years before the 1938 hurricane created the peninsula upon which it currently resides. The only light that has ever adorned Cedar Point is the faceless skeleton tower which took over in 1934. THAT is the Cedar Point Light. Also, referring to the light as Cedar Island rather than Cedar Point reminds us, and others, that this light has a legacy that goes back to a time before many of us were born.

Perhaps at this point you're thinking "Fine, but what can I do?" Simple. Join usSend us e-mail, call us, or write us a letter. Please include your name, town of residence, e-mail address and any other information you feel to be important. Any information you provide will not be given to "outside" people or organizations.

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There are a variety of tasks that need to be completed if we are to save this lighthouse. If you've seen the Cedar Island Light for yourself, or know its story, then you know it's in trouble and needs help. Please join us.
Bob Scroope
Mike Seewald
Bob Muller
Theresia Sanchez
Kristin Scroope

For more images showing the Cedar Island Lighthouse's current condition, see June 26, 1999 Photos.

Click here for more information on the Cedar Island Lighthouse.